Research Cooperation Between GW IT and kips

GW IT and the Konstanz institute für process control (Konstanzer Institut für Prozesssteuerung – kips) form research cooperation to develop new methods for the analysis of realtime key performance indicators (KPIs) of end-to-end-based business processes

The IT-supported provision of services has already gained a major importance and proved its benefit in numerous application domains – mainly in big corporations. The fundamental objective is to support agile processes which on the basis of real-time KPIs adjust themselves to the surrounding conditions. Within this general goal, a still unresolved area of conflict can be identified which is what actually motivated and informed the cooperation: bridging the gap between the assessment of the process performance on the one hand and the technical monitoring of the used IT infrastructure on the other.

The pkips-logoroject partners, GW IT and the research group at kips, supplement each other ideally because of their complementary expertise. While the research work at kips focusses on the regulation and control of processes via key indicators like process costs or process quality, GW IT has well-founded project knowledge related to the technical monitoring of IT infrastructures, with key indicators like availability or throughput.

The GW IT-Qualitätssicherungsgesellschaft mbH (“GW IT”) is a medium-sized provider of solutions with a long-term implementation expertise, well-proven in a lot of successful projects. The profound knowledge the staff has acquired over the years covers many fields – from business service management through IT quality management to IT stability. Besides, the GW IT experts can boast with an exhaustive know-how in the conception and implementation of business-wide IT service strategies based on technical monitoring events.

Prof. Dr. Marco Mevius is the holder of the research-focussed W3 professorship for Process Modelling and Optimisation at the Computer Sciences faculty of the University for Applied Sciences of Konstanz, Germany. He is head of the Konstanz Institute for Process Control ( Prior to his appointment he worked as a member of the Management Board at the computer sciences research center (FZI) of the University of Karlsruhe. What Prof. Mevius brings to the planned venture is an extensive, long-term experience in the implementation and management of joint projects. He has comprehensive knowledge and know-how regarding semantic modelling and the corresponding analysis of processes on the basis of key indicators, as well as the design and implementation of software systems.