Looking for an IDoc monitoring solution?

We’ve got just the one you might need.

Infra-XS monitors the data exchange via Intermediate Documents (SAP’s IDocs) between R/3, R/2, and non-SAP systems, or the communication between logical systems based on ALE (Application Linking and Enabling).

Infra-XS provides you with an efficient and reliable tool for monitoring the various IDoc types. It simply latches itself into your network and checks the processing status of each passing Idoc.

Configuring and adjusting the monitoring set-up is easy; like defining specific IDoc types to be exclusively monitored, or filtering out particular IDoc states if they are not relevant for your monitoring scheme.

Whether IDocs or end-to-end monitoring, whether you want to monitor server availability, e-mail runtimes, or network communications – Infra-XS can do it.