Infra-XS to Go?

Smart and mobile? Sure: Infra-XS! 

Though we are not talking about the latest smartphone here … but about a business app for mobile devices based on Android or iOS.

Or have you never dreamed of being in touch – really in touch – with your IT, wherever you are? For those of you who have – from Service Level Manager to CIO – we have some pretty good news: soon you can use your smartphone or tablet.

No matter where or when, if in a taxi or a train, you can easily check on your IT performance and make sure it is in the green. And if not – wouldn’t it be reassuring to know you could react immediately and without delay?

All this is going to be as easy as … calling an app.

We will continuously provide you with the latest information on the app-to-come’s features, benefits, and design – come back and see!